Ambulance doctors

In tandem with the Mongolian Medical Responder training program since 2019, Ambulance Doctors in Mongolia have participated in Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine training with EMS Global instructors.

In October 2024, the EMS Global Team will deliver the first Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine course for Mongolian Ambulance Doctors. This 80-hour blended learning curriculum will include a comprehensive assessment, treatment and transport of medical and trauma patients in the prehospital environment. The curriculum will include human factors training, crew resource management, triage for mass-casualty and disaster response, and clinical leadership.

About the project

A picture tells a thousand words ...
This image of an Ambulance Doctor providing palliative care to a patient at home by candlelight demonstrates the dedication and care of Mongolian EMS doctors.
The EMS Global education programs are designed to enhance the skills of all prehospital providers to deliver better patient outcomes.
a doctor in mongolia providing care by candlelight
a doctor in mongolia providing care by candlelight