EMS Global - Mongolia

2017 - Dr. Hamish McLean delivers a two-day workshop in Mongolia for doctors from all 21 provinces on disaster and emergency management/communication. He observed the lack of EMS capacity in both metro and rural areas.

History of the Project

2018 - Paramedic Duncan McConnell joined the project as Clinical Director. Both Hamish and Duncan travelled to Mongolia to deliver a series of one-day trauma and triage workshops. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The workshops were funded by Griffith University and a number of medical suppliers donated EMS equipment.

2019 - With continued requests from Mongolia for more EMS training, the project was joined by Vancouver Fire & Rescue Chief Darrell Reid and British Columbia Emergency Medical Services Director Prof Joe Acker.

They participated in road accident rescue exercises and major casualty exercises with Hamish and Duncan. Several high-level meetings were held with Mongolian officials.

2020 - Under the leadership of Dr Suvd Nergui, of the Mongolian Society of Emergency Medicine, a delegation of doctors from the society, NEMA and the Mongolian Armed Forces visited Brisbane. The delegation, hosted by Hamish and Duncan, toured facilities at the QFES, QAS, aeromedical, Queensland Health and disaster management agencies.

2023 - The MMR and Aeromedical Courses were delivered in Mongolia for 70 doctors, nurses, and firefighters over a two week period.

2023 - Once again led by Dr Suvd Nergui, a delegation consisting of NEMA, the Ministry of Health (Mongolia), the Society of Emergency Medicine, and Second State Hospital visited the South-East Queensland's Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), hospitals, aeromedical retrieval, and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) facilities.

2024 - Planning is now underway for Ambulance Doctor, Aeromedical Critical Care, and Ambulance Assistant training in Mongolia (first two weeks of October).

“I advise that I will be providing a positive recommendation to commence the EMS Global project.”

– Dr. M. Nomingerel

Specialist of Primary & Secondary Health Department

Ministry of Health, Mongolia