Mongolian leadership team

Dr. Suvd Nergui

Suvd Nergui (MD, PhD) is a graduate of Harvard University in the US and Tohoku University in Japan. She has an interest in emergency medicine and the development of prehospital care in Mongolia from grassroots to policy level. Dr Nergui has been leading the in-country “Roadside to Nationwide: EMS and Disaster” Program for the past five years. She has collaborated extensively on trauma training for Mongolia EMS doctors in Mongolia and represents the Mongolian Society of Emergency Medicine. Suvd is currently working for the US Embassy, but had previously specialized in cardiology and internal medicine at the First State Hospital of Mongolia.

Dr. Khosbayar Battugs

Khosbayar Battugs (M.D.) is an attending physician and teaching instructor at the First Central Hospital of Mongolia. He graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Paediatric Medical University. He has a strong interest in emergency medicine and the development of prehospital care in Mongolia. Khosbayar is extensively involved in trauma training for EMS doctors in Mongolia. He represents the Mongolian Society of Emergency Medicine, a key partner in the project.

Dr. Ulamsaikhan Jargalsaikhan
Dr. Khongor Dejidgunchin

Ulamsaikhan Jargalsaikhan (M.D.) is the director of Emergency at the Second Hospital of Mongolia and trained in Korea and Taiwan. Dr. Jargalsaikhan has been practising emergency medicine since 2008, and his research interest is in pre-hospital emergency care (ambulance) and first responder (fire/rescue/civilian) training. He was part of the UN peacekeeping team between 2016 and 2017 in southern Sudan and with the African Union UNAMID. Known as “Dr U”, he is leading the push for clinical improvements on arrival to his ED. He has been involved in the EMS Global Mongolia project since 2018.

Khongor Dejidgunchin (M.D.) leads EMS in The National Emergency Management Agency of Mongolia (NEMA). He finished his medical degree and a Master of Science at Ach Medical University in Mongolia. He worked during the COVID-19 pandemic from grassroots Mongolian organizations to international high-level organizations, including the WHO. He is interested in public health preparedness for disasters and is eager to develop the infrastructure necessary for EMS to respond promptly and efficiently in Mongolia. He is leading the improvements to aeromedical services.

Mongolia Project Chair & Medical Director

Coordinator, Mongolia

Coordinator, Mongolia

Emergency Physician - NEMA